Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 6: Busan

First stop: Beomeosa Temple

How to go there: Take train to Beomeosa Station (Busan Subway Line No.1). Come out from Exit No.5 or No.7, walk between the two exits along the road for about 5 minutes and you will reach the Samsin bus stop where u can take bus 90 to go Beomoeosa Temple. For us we choose the hiking route up the mountain which is about 3km. It is not easy as the route is always uphill so be prepared.

After hiking for around 30 minutes, finally reached the entrance of the temple. Just outside the temple, there is information counter where u can get some brochures about the temple. There is a few gates to enter before we really reach the inner part of the temple. We happened to meet one English tour guide which bring us along the temple. He is really quite nice and patient explaining everything in the temple. People usually enter from the right side and come out from the left side. The centre of the gate is usually for guest and important people.

There is a instruments hall for the religion purpose and a lot other halls for holding different Buddhas. It is quite interesting to know about the religion over in Korea. It is almost similar to Buddhist except some minor differences. We are also quite lucky that as there is free vegetarian food offer which we can cut down on our expenses. It was also my first vegetarian meal in korea!! However, it was kind of salty for me but still edible. I feel it is really nice place to visit and know about the religion and structure there. The best is if u can get a tour guide which can explain everything so u can understand much better.

Second stop: Geumejeong mountain fortress
How to go there: Just go back to the entrance of temple, backtrack a bit and u would find this signboard. Just turn left and keep going upward. The journey to the north gate took us around 30 minutes. Remember to get proper hiking shoe and sufficient water. I did not expect that but manage to complete with slipper and 500ml of water ... Remember to apply sunblock too as there is not much shade at the top

Geumejeong mountain fortress it the largest mountain fortress in Korea, mreasuring an impressive 18,845 meters in length, 8.2 suqare meters in area and 3 meters in height tallest points. The route we took: Beomeosa temple -> North gate ->Wonhyobong Peal ->Ulsangbong Peak->Forth watchtower->Third watchtower->East gate. Total distance: 5.6km took around around 2hours
Height of the peak
City view from top of the mountain which was really nice. It was really cooling too.
Photo of me viewing the city near a cliff. The whole journey for me was quite relaxing just like walking around on the side of the fortress and taking nice photos. I really enjoy the scenery up at the fortress. The night view should be nicer but also much colder ... If u love hiking can give it a try.
The east gate
The maple tree at east gate is very beautiful!!! Hmm after the east gate, just walk all the way down and u would find a bus stop which bring u back to the station. As time limit is short, we did not explore the whole fortress. At night is mainly last minute shopping around Gwangbok so I wont update about it.

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