Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 5:Busan

First stop: Haedong Yonggung temple
Haedong Yonggung temple is one of 3 Sacred Places related to the Goddess Buddha. This temple preserves religious concept deeper than that of any other temple ever as the sea, dragon and the Great Goddess Buddha embody a harmony here.

How to go there:
Travel to Jangsan and go out from exit 1. Walk until u see the bus stop with bus no 181. It is not the first bus stop u would see.
Alight at bus stop after u see this sign board.
Walk in the opposite direction and turn in left. U would see a road like this. Continue walking for around 20 minutes and u will see Haedong Yonggung temple!!

Overview of the whole temple. It just situated beside the sea so the view is really awesome. To reach the temple, u have to climb down a flight of 108 steps which symbolizes longevity. There is also DeuknamnulBuddha where u can touch the stomach which is believe to grant u a son. For me I look for statue of Buddha for academic achievement. There is also other things in the I can see why so many tourists like to come to this spot.

Second stop: Haeundae beach
How to go there
From Haedong Yonggung temple, u can take bus 181 and alight just beside Haeundae station. If u r travelling by train, just alight at Haeundae station and walk down the street to find the beach easily.

As we were walking down the street toward the beach, we decided to have our lunch at this chinese restaurant. It looks really with all the traditional decoration. However, the food was quite of disappointing so I wont really recommend coming to this restaurant to have meal.

Finally we arrived at the beach!!! Although it is Monday, there is a lot people at the beach!! I cant imagine if we come on weekend, it would definitely be flooding. I didnt go down to swim as my friends all dont want to ... However, I walked by the seaside. The water is really clear and cooling unlike Singapore. I even find a starfish!! There is a lot hunks and babes by the beach!!!

Third stop: APEC Naru Park
It is located on the right side of Haeundae beach about 20 minutes walk. It was used for apec summit in 2005. For those people, who have watching running man would also know this is one of filming location.

On the way to Apec, there is a long wooden platform where u can walk by the side of the cliff to look at nice scenery. U can see the overview of the whole beach on the left side and overview of the city building on the right side. There is statue of mermaid.

Inside Apec building, it showcase all the things in the Apec like common goal for this submit, food, photos and future development for busan. It is like more historical place. Personally, I feel that if u r near the beach why not coming down to know some history and also take nice photos. I wont come just for this place alone.
Dinner time
We went to this place to have our dinner which is recommended by the staff in Sum guesthouse. It sell both pork and beef meat. It is located 5 minutes walk away from the guesthouse. It is small building behind the alley of Gwangbok road.
The whole meal above only cost 13000 won for 3 people sharing. The meal is really nice tender but slightly a bit spicy. It also come with a spicy seafood soup which is quite delicious. The side dishes are also well marinated and fresh. I think it is really worth the price however finding the location can be quite a problem cause it is situated behind the alley. Just asked for direction as it is quite popular among the people around that area.

After dinner, u can shop around the whole Gwangbok area. There is a lot stuff to buy but remember to check out the whole stretch as there is more cheaper shop in the back alley as compared to main street. Remember to bargain and try to cut the price too!! I manage to cut the price of my shoe from 43000won to 30000won. At first, the shop keeper refuse and I just walk out. In the end, she chased out to give me that price!!

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