Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 4: Busan

This is the map of busan metro system. If u are travelling in korea, I recommend one app to use: Subway. It is very useful as it contains the metro system of each station and travelling time. But remember to download the map before hand so u can use it offline. Another useful app if u are getting data plan, Google map is super useful. It can help u to find ur exact location, different route and how long u need to travel there. I really love this app!!

Remember to get ur travel card @ convenient store at airport: 7-11, GS25 or anything or store. U can also top up at any convenient store. There is a few form: In card and cute key chain.
getting to the guesthouse: Sum guesthouse How to go there: Alight at Nampo station and come out from exit 3 walk to left side until u see a side road and turn into it. Just continue walking straight and u would reach escalator. Just take the first escalator and turn right. U would walk down a flight of stair and reach the Sum guesthouse.

Here is the cafe at the lobby where the breakfast is served every morning from 8am to 10am. There is also computer with internet usage and screening of random korean tv/drama. I find it quite cosy over here.
There is unique art drawing at every floor of the guesthouse. Some of these drawings are really nice and unique which I really love it.
Here is the picture of our room. It comes with our own toilet which is really clean. We are also allocated one locker each where we can lock our personal belonging inside. Each bed also come with 2 power points+personal lamp and we are given one adapter each. The bed feel really comfortable and the blanket is quite thick in case the weather is cold. I would say it is really quite worth it for the price we paid. The staff here are also quite helpful and they help us to give advice for our trip. They also know how to speak decent english for us to understand :)
First stop: Jagalchi market

Just go back to subway station and go out from exit 2. Walk for along 5 minutes and u would reach the Jagalchi market.

There is quite a lot fresh living sea creatures here. Some of them have quite weird and odd looking ... Quite an interesting place for sightseeing. Level 2 is for eating unless u are going in big group like 7 to 8 people as u can order seafood to share around. It is not really cheap but it is fresh.
There is also quite a lot stores along the stretch of road selling fresh seafood. Some of them are slightly cheaper as compared to Jagalchi market. We went to this store to have our lunch as it sell set meal seafood.
The meal cost us around 8000won for each person. I have abalone mixed rice set meal. I think the abalone mixed rice is really nice. Another friend have the cold noodle and the portion is really big. They turn the soup into small piece of ice and serve it with the noodle. The taste is really delicious and quite unique way of serving. The side dishes are also quite yummy. If u are going in small group, can give this place a try. Anyway it has a number of celebrity coming to this shop to eat before.

second stop: busan international film festival+shopping

Along these, there is nothing much except all these plated handprint and signatures ... I expected something more than all these. There is quite a lot fortune telling and tarot card reading along these stretch. Most of them speak korean so it is not easy to find English speaking one. I managed to find one and he charged 5000 won for tarot card reading. As for wat I ask, I shall keep it a secret :P So if u really in these kind of things, can just drop back for some fortune telling or tarot card reading.

I saw this store with super super long q. As a typical singaporean, I just joined in the crowd. It is a kind of snack which is made of dough stuffed with red bean in the centre. After deep frying, it was cut opened and stuffed with mixture of peanuts and other ingredient. The taste is quite sweet and nice. It is best to eat it hot!! The price is only 1000 won quite worth it.

Third stop:Busan tower
It is just located near the sum guesthouse. There is a number of escalators before u reach the top. Just have to walk a bit more to reach the busan tower.

There is a lot couple locks left in the fence surrounding the busan tower. Some of them forget to bring sheet to write down the message end up using their handphone cover. Haha quite creative. The place looks very nice and romantic!! Hopefully one day I can bring my future gf and lock too!!

The price to go up to the tower observatory cost 4000 won. There is other exhibitions around but we don't think it is quite worth it when we peak into the places. I think just go for tower observatory is good enough. Remember to choose ur timing wisely so u can enjoy both the morning and night view. I think the best time to go up is around 6:30pm during summer as u can see the sunset transition to the night view. There is also cafe where u can buy drink. Remember to give green tea latte a try. I think it is quite nice and unique. Just enjoy the drink while waiting the transition.

Day view

Night view

Dinner time

This is where we have our dinner. Just walk along the street and turn left. The price we feel it is quite reasonable so decide to give it a try.
Side dishes+dumpling. The dumpling is quite nice similar to xiao long bao but it is less juicy. Remember to eat it hot.
Here is the B-bim Kaiguksu. The portion is quite a lot and full of vegetable+mixed cut noodle. The texture of noodle is similar to the bian mian but slightly thicken a bit. I think the key point is the sauce which is quite nice. The portion is also quite big just nice for guy. Overall 5000 won for the noodle, I think it is quite worth it.

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