Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 3:Jeju (east course)

First stop: Trick Art Museum

I need some water!!
Trying to walk on a plank to cross the hole!! Scary!!

It is a place full of drawings where u can take pictures of all 3D art works. Although the place is quite small, there is quite a lot of art works for u to take picture. There is instructions on the side of the wall on how to take nice photos if u dont know. It is really quite a fun and interesting place to visit so just play with ur imagination!!

Second stop: Seongeup Folk Village+lunch

House where the korean ancestor lived in. It is made of stone and wood. The house is usually built low so it wont be affected so much by the wind. There is also layer of rock surrounding the house to prevent the livestock from running out.

Here is the gate where people from other places enter and exit.
I find this is quite an interesting places to visit as we can learn more about the culture and lifestyle of the korean ancestor living in Jeju. Some of these interesting culture and lifestyle are still well preserved.

Third stop: Seongsam Sunrise peak

View taken from the top of peak but it is kind of hazy so hard to take any nice photos. It is not an easy peak to climb as there is quite a lot steps. It is around 180 meters and most people took around 25 minutes to reach the top. I managed to rush all the way to the top in 15 minutes but really tiring. From the top u can see the surrounding view which is quite nice providing the sky is clear.

Forth stop:Woman Diver show

There is 2 timing for woman diver show 1:30pm and 3pm daily just beside the seongsam sunrise peak. First part of the show is singing performance by the woman diver and second part of the show is watching them live in action. All of these women divers are more than 50 years old and the oldest is around 85years old. They will dive into the water to catch and collect sea creatures to sell. Personally, I find this show quite boring as u cant really see how they did it under the sea. It is just basically standing there and wait. Once they come up, they will start to sell their catch ...

Last stop: Manjang cave

These two photos are taken inside the cave. It is the longest lava tube in the Asia and designated as World Cultural Heritage items by UNESCO. However, only section 2 of the cave was opened for public. We took around 1hr to go in and come out. The cave is really quite dark and cold. Remember bring ur jacket along!! It is also not easy to take photo so get ur DSLR prepared if u want to take nice photos!! It is important to wear tracking shoes as the floor is quite watery and slippy. I think the cave is quite interesting in the way it is formed. Definitely worth visiting.
After tour: Jeju City Traditional 5 day market

Remember to check the date before coming. It opens every 5 day and we are quite lucky to go on these day. The market has quite a lot things ranging from clothing to food and even seafood at the end. It really reminds me of the old marketplace that we have in Singapore. It is quite similar but many times bigger!!
Spicy rice cake!! It is quite unique as it also contain fish cake and dumplings on top of the rice cake. The rice cake is quite fresh and chewy and the sauce is also spicy and delicious. It is one of the must try food. It costs 3000won.
Baked fish cake. It contain red bean in the center and it is served hot. I really like the taste of it. It only costs 1000won for 3 pieces!!! The food here are really quite cheap and u can buy along the way to eat while u are shopping.

4 different types of chocolate which u can buy as a gift. It is quite cheap here as compared to other. There are also a lot others type of gifts which u can considering buying for ur friends. It is a must visit place but remember to check the date before coming!!