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Day 2: Jeju (west course)

For day 2 and day 3, we join Yeha tour (English). It operated everyday except Sunday. There is total 2 course: Mon, Wed, Fri (west course) and Tue, Thur, Sat(East course)
Price : 79,000 KRW
Duration : Approx. 8hours
-Hotel pick-up(from yr hotel/hostel)
*There is additional discount of 30,000won if u joining two days tour and staying at Yeha hostel.
Here is the link for tour.

First stop: Hallim Park
Hallim Park was made a man who love his homeland and realized his ideal with a pioneer's spirit. In 1971,40 year old, Mr Song purchased baren land where no one lived and nothing grew. He began to removed the unused stone and cultivated the flowers and tress with all his love and effort over 30 years.
There is a number of attractions in the park.
1)Palm tree avenue
2)Wild grass and flower garden
3)hyeopjae and ssangyong cave

4)Jeju stone and bonsai garden

5)Jae-Am Folk village

6)Bird Garden

It is quite a nice and interesting place to visit. I think the most interesting part of Hallim park is the cave and the jeju stone. It is really nice. I only selected a few photos from each section and posted here.

Second stop: Suweolbong Trekking
There are quite a lot Olle courses in Jeju which u can go on trekking. For this part, we would be hiking along the olle tracking course no12 which has spectacular views overlooking both Suwolbong (Peak) and Chagwido (Islet) which was the first Geopark site designated by UNESCO's Global Geopark Network.

There are some of the photos taken during the walk which is around 30minutes. It is quite easy trekking course for beginner with nice scenery by the seaside.

Third stop:Lunch(wellbeing Buffet)+Spirited Garden
If u are coming on ur own, take note of the timing for the buffet. 10:30am to 3pm. It only costs 8500 won which is really cheap and u get to taste a lot different kind of food.

The lunch buffet at the wellbeing buffet is really delicious and nice. There is a lot different kind of food like tangerine fish, kimchi and even black pork!!! When u come to jeju, must really try the black pork which is nice. Personally, I like the fish. There are also 3 choices of soups and I really enjoy the curry soup.

After lunch, we had a walk around the spirited garden which also help in our digestion. It was quite nicely designed and decorated. There is also tortoise stone in the centre of the point where u can throw coin into it and make wish. I managed to did that in my first try!!! Hopefully my wish really come true!!

Forth stop: Althr Airfield
At this airfield, which was a military base of Japanese army. However, I feel it is really waste of time to visit this place as there is really nothing much here ... except for this plane.

Fifth stop: MT Sanbang

Mt Sanbang which looks so unique has a number of interesting legends. One of them was that the tip of mountain Halla was blown off to mountain Sanbang. There is quite a lot Buddha on this mountain which we can pray for our special wishes. Remember to go to the top of mountain where u can drink water to look younger by 3 years old!! However, climbing up is not an easy task!! So be prepared thought it is only around 20 minutes.

Last stop of the tour:Cheongjeyeong waterfall or Teddy Bear museum

For me, I choose waterfall since there is teddy bear museum at Seoul but not the waterfall. First, we had to climb over a very tall bridge cross the deep valley. There are 3 parts to the waterfall. First part is the lake and other two are the waterfall. The lake has a very nice blue color to it and the waterfall is quite nice for taking photos.

The tour guide is very nice and helpful. When the tour is ending, she asked everyone where they are going and helped everyone to plan for it. She would try to ask the bus driver to drop us to as close as possible to the destination we are going and give us information on how to go there. Since the time is early, we decided to go Daepohaeanjusangjeollidae.

It is located at jungmun. From far, we can see it is really packed with a lot people.

All these stone pillars by the cliff are formed by the lava and formed in nice shape. However, what made is all these stone pillars interesting is the wave. Whenever a wave crashes into these stones, it would create a very big water splash. So if the wave is bigger, the effect is also bigger. It is really nice to watch all these effects. The ticket to this attraction cost around 2000won.

BBQ dinner at Dakgalbi street

This restaurant is located at Dakgalbi street and I think it is quite popular among the korean too as there is a lot korean people visiting the restaurant. We decided to give it a try. It has very interesting concept where the seats is like bin where u can put ur bag under it and cover it with a seat!!

They serve fresh spicy crab meat. It is the first time I ever tried a raw crab meat. It was really super fresh and nice. U can just suck out the meat through the shell. I really love it. The meat is also fresh, sweet and nice. The staffs there also help u to cook the food. I really enjoy the meals there. The total cost for 5 people: 55000won. Each person only has to pay 11000won which is really quite cheap :) If I have a chance to go Jeju, I will definitely visit this place again.

Playing with these 2 cute puppies

Last stop of the day: Teddy Bear cafe

It is located along the street and it has very nice decorations which give me a homely feeling. The place is also quite quiet good place to relax and chat with friends after a long day. If u going to bbq, give this teddy bear cafe a try :) I bet u would love it too!!!

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