Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 11: Myeong-dong Day 12: Jong Myo Shrine

Day 11: Myeong-Dong
How to go: Just alight at Myeong-dong station go out from exit 7. The whole area is Myeong-dong the famous shopping streets in Seoul

Outside myeong-dong station there is underground shopping mall which sell a lot kpop album and related stuff. There is also shop selling clothing. When we arrived at 11:15am, most of shops are not fully opened. So we decided to go Myeongdong Cathedral first.

Structure of Myeongdong Cathedral. I didnt take any photo inside the Cathedral as they were having service session. It is quite magnificent and well decorated. The windows are tinted with bright color. The whole hall is very big which is able to accommodate up to thousands of people. It is also popular filming site like "You are beautiful".
Easy way
We have our first bubble tea at Korea. I ordered the medium normal milk tea with green tea jelly which cost 4500. It is really normal taste nothing special at all >.< .


It is one of key attraction in Seoul. When I reached there, it is already flooded with so many people. There is a lot money exchangers here and the rate is really good as the Arcade in Singapore. There is a lot popular brands here so u able to get anything u want here. It is also cosmetic heaven!! All kind of brands u can find here ranging from Faceshop, Foodskin, Tony Moly till Laneige. There is also a lot cafes here to relax and one of my favorite is dog cafe. I didnt visit it today as my friends are not really keen on it. I shall come visit and do a blog on it. Remember not to come too early as most shops do not open that early!!

Day12: Lunch
Photo of the shop
Seafood fried rice

Kimbap also know as Korea Sushi!! It is located on the main street on the way to skku. The seafood fried rice cost 4000won and kimbap cost around 1500won. There is not much seafood in the fried rice but it tastes really yummy and delicious. In korea, seafood is not so common as we always see meal with chicken, pork and beef. I think the kimbap is the best part. The portion is really big even without the seafood fried rice, I think I would be full. I didnt manage to finish the kimbap so pass on to someone else. It has a lot ingredients inside it like carrot, egg, vegetable, prickle and other more. The taste is really nice and fresh. They make it only when u ordered the kimbap to ensure the freshness. It is definitely worth visiting and giving a try!!

Jong Myo Shrine

How to go there: Jongno-3(sam)-ga Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 11. It is about 10-min walk from station.

Jongmyo is the supreme state shrine where the ancestral tablets of decreased kings and queens are enshrined and sacrificial rites are performed for them. It is also listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage site for its well-preserved ancient customs such as memorial services and traditional music. Do take note that it is close on every Tuesday.

There is only guided tour so do take note of the timing for the different language tour. The tour guide is quite nice and patient explaining every single detail about the history of the building, how they perform the ritual, how the ritual changes over time and other. It is really interesting to know these information. The ritual is currently performed once a year from the past 5 times a year. If u are visiting in May, remember to look out for the date where u can see the ritual.