Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 0 and Day 1: Jeju

Day 0
Took a flight from Singapore to Korea transit through Taiwan (one of my favorite country). The journey is quite long but the seats are quite big and comfortable. We also given a slightly bigger seat though we did not book any!!! Quite lucky.

Took some nice views of the sunset!!
when we arrived at Incheon airport, it was pretty quiet. Most of the shops and restaurant are already close except for Macdonald, KFC and some other stores. Kind of disappointed as I was looking for some nice food for breakfast. Furthermore, we had to stay overnight at airport as we feel it is waste to book hotel and stay only for a few hrs due to the early flight in the morning to Jeju.

Time to take note: It is important to book the flight in advance as u might be able to save a lot money due to the discount!! There are 3 domestic flight which are generally cheaper: Jeju air, Easterjet and Airbusan. Just compared the price before booking. The price early in the morning is also generally cheaper but it is tiring to wake up so early ...

Day 1
Time to take note: There is quite a lot bus services running as early as 5am in the morning and they all on time. The ticket counter booth is not opened in the morning so u just have to q at the bus number service and buy ticket on the spot. The journey from Incheon to gimpo airport took around 40 minutes.
Click on this link to see the bus service at Incheon airport
Once we arrived at the airport, we went to check in and had our breakfast.

There is so many choices of food to choose from. I decide to give pumpkin rice cake a try but it tasted weird ... All other food which my friends bought from the store taste way better. We took busan air to Jeju.

Some nice views during the flight
We stayed at yeha guesthouse as there is 30,000 discounted for Yeha Tour around Jeju which we can save a lot. There is two yeha guesthouse but we choose the terminal as it is closer to buy terminal easier for us to travel around.
Alight at this bus stop
On the right hand side, u would see the yeha guesthouse
entrance of yeha guesthouse

at lobby of guesthouse: almost everything is provided
this is the room i stayed in but just ignore the stuff I placed on my bed ... I will update more about the tour after I have visited them.

Yeha guesthouse link
Yeha guesthouse tour

After settling down, we went to take bus from bus terminal to hallasan mountain for our hiking. The route we choose is Eorimok and Yeongsil trail which is also considered the shortest trail just nice for beginner like us. We go up by the Eorimok trail and come down by Yeongsil trail. First we have to take bus service 1100 to reach the entrance where we have to hike around 45mins to go in reach the starting point. It is important to take note that the bus service come every 1hour. As my friends went toilet and miss the bus, we had to take cab service who cost us 19000won.

Bus terminal
Bus schedule

starting point of the Eorimok

endless flight of steps ...
Checkpoint to let u know the height from sealevel
Checkpoint to let u know the distance u have covered

Nice views along the way :)
I am at top of the world xD

During the first part of the trail, it is just thousand and millions endless of steps which can be quite boring. Even I feel like giving up during the start ... When we cleared the first part, there is quite a lot nice views along the way. After a long walk, finally we reach the peak of our trail. We took around 2.5hr which is quite tiring for us as we are not well trained for this. We saw quite a lot children and elderly along the way.

Things to take note: It is important to carry sufficient amount of water like 1 litre and carry as little load as possible as it can be pretty heavy during the long hike. Bring along one towel to wipe ur sweat and apply sunblock/sunscreen as long hrs exposure to the sun can cause skin burn. Bring some snacks and lunch to eat along the way. Remember to wear hiking shoe for safety purpose!!1

The resting at end of the journey where we had our lunch and the proof that we reach the peak of the trail. Take note this trail does not lead to the peak of the mountain but only close. If u want to reach the peak, u have to choose other trail but which can take longer timing.

View along the way down which can be quite dangerous as the path is just directly beside the cliff so got to be careful :)
finally we reached the end of the Yeongsil trail. It is quite tiring but definitely worth it. I will like to give other route a try next time.

wildlife along the way to entrance and bus stop. We had to walk around 2km to reach the bus stop where we can take the same bus 1100 to come back to jeju city. However, it is important to take note of the cut off timing!!!!

This is where we had our dinner which is just along the street beside the jeju bus terminal. We had to alight along this street when we took the bus 1100.

Side dishes which is free
My kimichi stew with rice. I find it is quite normally and slightly spicy but my friends think it is very nice. Maybe I am more picky. The whole meal only me 6000won which is quite worth it and I am really filled. They also provide free ice water.

There is too much photos to put so I only choose select some of them. If you are really interested, can add me at me facebook. Find me at Mike Ong Yao Heng.