Sunday, July 1, 2012

Taipei part 2

Long Shan temple station
How to go there: Take train to Long Shan temple station and alight. It is just located outside the underpass.
Longshan Temple is a famous old temple in Taiwan for worshiping Guanshiyin Budda and other divine spirits. Everyone like to come here and pray hoping their wishes will come true. The temple has a lot nice sculpture, Chinese poems, verses and lyrics on signs. There are also many traditional streets/shops, antique shops, Buddhists article shops, and Chinese medicine shops surrounding the temple for u to sightseeing. It is worth visiting in the morning especially when the shops in taipei don't open that early in the morning.

Xi men ding
how to go there: Take train to Xi men ding and alight. It is a big stretch of area popular for the youth selling all kind of clothing and accessories. It has a number of cinema, cafes, partyworld (where u can sing song) and street performance. There are 2 must try dishes at xi men ding.

Ah zhong mian xian: It is must try dish at xi men ding. It is really delicious and yummy. The only bad point is not enough chairs so we have to stand to eat.

Shaved ice dessert: After the ah zhong mian xian, good to have cooling dessert at san siong mei shaved ice store. There is quite a lot choices to choose from. Out of the 3 desserts we ordered, the best is the mango shaved ice. The ice is different from ice kachang we ate in singapore. It is really smooth and come with yummy ice cream.

Street performance by the students

The whole xi men ding is really big. U can easily spend half a day shopping around the whole area. There is a lot street performance especially during weekend by the students. I also manage to find some cheap clothes in the xi men ding. Just need to slowly explore around.