Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Leofoo village Theme park

How to go there: Take train to Zhongxiao Dunhua station. Exit the station, use exit 8. Take Ego bus 5350. The journey takes about 1h 30mins.

Price of the ticket.
It is the first theme park in Asia that combines both theme park and zoo together which is located in Hsinchu Country. There are total of 4 theme, areas: Wild West, South Pacific, Arabian Kingdom and African Safari.

Zoo section

The parrot

The animal feeds machine where we can purchase food for the animal to eat.

The greedy goat

The zoo is small section of the whole theme park so don't expect much from it. They have all the common animals which we can see in the farm. The most interesting part is buying the food and feeding the animals here.

Arabian kingdom

The performers
Ring of fire: I think this is the most interesting ride in this section where we can travel in circle. It would keep going round and round. The most scary part is when it stop at the top ... It is really fun and exciting.

The most interesting ride is Pagoda’s Revenge where it take u to a height of 53m and show u the magificent view of the Leofoo village. Without any warning, it release and let u experience the true fee fall. It is really quite fun. My first time trying such ride. I would say it has nice views and quite fun. There are also other rides like: Sea Serpent, Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure, Bird Flight and Captain Cook’s Swinging Boat.

Wild west

Screaming Corridor: The U shaped suspension roller coaster brought from Switzerland is the second in the world and the only in Asia. The track is 190 m long, and the roller coaster reaches 122 km/h when it rushes down its biggest drop of 56 m. The 90 second suspended experience incorporates 360° spiral acceleration and vertical dives, bringing you the excitement and thrills of an eagle in flight. It is really scary that I don't even dare to try it. Just looking at it already scare me off ...

Overall, it is nice theme park to spend a day playing with the animals and enjoying all the rides. Furthermore if u are visiting during June to September, Leofoo Water Park is opened. It is just next to the Leofoo village theme park.

Monday, July 2, 2012

New taipei city

For this new taipei city, we booked 2 cab with Mr chiang which cost us 6000NT for the whole day. His email is chiangtourguide@yahoo.com.tw

The original route we planned to visit 野柳,基隆廟口,九份-黄金瀑布-陰陽海-十份瀑布-放天灯,玩煙花-菁茼. However, we switched to Ocean world,九份-黄金瀑布-陰陽海-菁茼-放天灯,玩煙花as we spent quite a lot time shopping along the way.

Ocean world
It is just located beside ye liu park. As one of my friend is more interested in the dolphin show, so we decided to change from yeliu park to ocean world. Yeliu Ocean World is the first ocean world in Taiwan where we can see dolphin show, sea lion show and some high level diving performance. There is also quite a lot different marine creatures inside.

Seal Performance

Dolphin performance

High level diving performance.

Overall, the show is quite interesting as it is my first time watch the dolphin performance. They are really smart and able to perform a lot different kinds of trick. The high level diving performance is also very exciting. Jump from at least 5th floor high without any support into the pool is not easy trick. Furthermore, into a small hole created by human chain. It is really entertaining. After the show, we want around the aquarium to see the marine creatures. Most of the interesting part is the electric eel where we can touch them. They really give electric shock ... There are also quite a lot interesting marine creatures which we do not see often in the market. The recommended time to allocate here is 3hours.

The story of jiufen: It is said that long time ago there were only nine families in Jiufen. Before the roads on land were built, all materials were transported via ships. Thus a habit was formed that nine pieces of same object were purchased at one time for reservation. Hence, the place was called Jiufen.

Remember to come to li yi store to get pineapple tarts. It is really nice. The yu tou gao is also really nice. Worth trying. I think we bought too many things and the driver mention that he didn't see someone buy so much before. End up the taxi boot is full.

The store is located just opposite of li yi store. Yu tou dou hua plus jiang zhi is really nice and unique. I think recently there is some stores in singapore selling this dessert. However, I think this jiufen store is still way better so remember to give a try.

There is quite a lot stores here selling souvenir which u can get for ur friends like mini tian deng which is very cute and come with different kinds of wishes. U also can get all kind of taiwan snacks here for friends too :)
Nice view from the jiufen overseeing the whole area

Golden waterfall
It is also called Jinguashi. Shuinandong, Jinguashi, and Jiufen are former mining towns in Ruifang District, New Taipei City. Now the gold mines are closed and it is quite popular for tourists to come here. The view of the waterfall is really nice. It is also popular spot for couple to take wedding photos and we spot one couple that day.

Yin yang hai
This photo u cant really see clearly the difference. Basically, there is 2 color one is yellow and another is blue. The yellow is caused by the runoff ground water from the area nearby. As the area used to be mining area, even after it is closed, the runoff water carry some of these leftover into the sea. Hence it cause the 2 different color known as yinyanghai. Personally i feel there is nothing much here.

Our taxi driver bought us to this place which has no name. It is really quite popular among tourists to take photos. It is just located along the yinyanghai area. U can really take nice photo here :)

qing tong
Whenever the train is passby, there is alarm to warn everyone. .

Letting our sky lantern fly to the sky and may our wishes come true :)

U can also purchase firework to play here but some of us are afraid. In the end, we didn't bought any ... Overall it is nice and fun trip as we can get to rest on taxi while they drive us around. This make our trip easier :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Taipei part 2

Long Shan temple station
How to go there: Take train to Long Shan temple station and alight. It is just located outside the underpass.
Longshan Temple is a famous old temple in Taiwan for worshiping Guanshiyin Budda and other divine spirits. Everyone like to come here and pray hoping their wishes will come true. The temple has a lot nice sculpture, Chinese poems, verses and lyrics on signs. There are also many traditional streets/shops, antique shops, Buddhists article shops, and Chinese medicine shops surrounding the temple for u to sightseeing. It is worth visiting in the morning especially when the shops in taipei don't open that early in the morning.

Xi men ding
how to go there: Take train to Xi men ding and alight. It is a big stretch of area popular for the youth selling all kind of clothing and accessories. It has a number of cinema, cafes, partyworld (where u can sing song) and street performance. There are 2 must try dishes at xi men ding.

Ah zhong mian xian: It is must try dish at xi men ding. It is really delicious and yummy. The only bad point is not enough chairs so we have to stand to eat.

Shaved ice dessert: After the ah zhong mian xian, good to have cooling dessert at san siong mei shaved ice store. There is quite a lot choices to choose from. Out of the 3 desserts we ordered, the best is the mango shaved ice. The ice is different from ice kachang we ate in singapore. It is really smooth and come with yummy ice cream.

Street performance by the students

The whole xi men ding is really big. U can easily spend half a day shopping around the whole area. There is a lot street performance especially during weekend by the students. I also manage to find some cheap clothes in the xi men ding. Just need to slowly explore around.