Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kaohsiung 0 and 1

Planning of this trip is not easy for me as everyone has different opinions on the trip. The challenge is trying to accommodate everyone idea and making it a successful one.

 Flight to taiwan: Jetstar Flight from Singapore:1:15am 

Reach taiwan around 6am When booking early morning flight, it is good to know where the sun is rising from so u can take nice photos XD From Singapore to taiwan, try to take seats close to the window on the right side so u can take nice photos.
Here are some of nice scenery which I took during the sunrise.

As we reached the airport, most of the stores are not opened, we went to basement at one of the restaurant to have our breakfast.

The food is quite normal but at least good enough to fill our stomach. I think it is better to eat at 7-11 with all the yummy food.

We waited until 8am plus before the handphone card shop open. It is better to get in airport than other place as the staff there also very nice helping us to configure the setting and also active the internet setting. However, the shop does not open that early. There is also a coin machine nearby for u to change 100NT into coin which u might need when u travel around. I recommend getting this phonecard 台灣大哥大哥. 

Initial purchase is NT500, value NT500. To have 5D unlimited data, it cost NT350 which will only be deducted on your balance after confirm the selection. This means that you can choose 1D, 3D or 5D respectively.

Another thing to take note if u are arriving in the morning, the money exchanger might not be open so it is better to change in Singapore before u fly over. I always go The Acrade at raffle place to change. Avoiding going in late afternoon and weekend as the rate wont be that high.

There is bus interchange at the basement and the staff there will help u to find suitable bus to the location u want. We took a bus from the airport to taoyuan THSR where we took high speed rail from taoyuan to zuoying station (kaohsiung).

There are three types of train service in taiwan.
1.THSR Taiwan High Speed Rail (abbreviated THSR or HSR) is a high-speed rail line that runs approximately 345 km (214 mi) along the west coast of Taiwan, from the national capital Taipei to the southern city of Kaohsiung'

2.HSR It runs around the whole taiwan island. There are also two types of servies: Normal and express. Express is much faster as compared to normal.

3.Metro There is mrt system in the big cities like taipei and kaohisung
Early bird discount for THSR Tickets are available for sale 28 days prior to and including the departure date. The early bird discount of 35% off, 20% off, or 10% off are offered no later than 8~28 days before the departure date (including the departure date). If tickets with an early bird discount of 35% off are sold out, then tickets with an early bird discount of 20% off are offered. If 20% off tickets are sold out, then tickets with an early bird discount of 10% off are offered. Hence it is important to take note of the date to book the tickets in advance :)

The whole journey from taoyuan to kaohisung through THSR only took us 2hr. From zuoying station, we can transfer to the kaohisung metro station. Our hostel is Walking story located at Formosa Boulevard Station.

It has very nice artist drawing on the ceiling. However, we have to climb a long flight of stair to the ground floor without escalator. Imagine it with our luggage *fainting

Walking story The location of this hostel is quite good as it is around 10 mins walk to the nearest mrt station and the liouhe night market is just below. Hence it is easy to get yummy night food anytime u want. The hostel is quite clean and come with a lift. If u intending to wash ur clothes, there is a top floor for u to hang ur laundry.

Here is the photo of the lobby(common area). There is also table for us to sit down relax and watch tv. There is computer for internet usage.

After which we went to Houyi Station as there is 2 shopping area in this location.
-For shoe
Dalian Street, Sanmin District (Between Jiouru and Shihcyuan Road)
-For clothing
Anning Street, Sanmin District (west of the railway station)
My advice is skip the dalian street as most of the shoes sold there are leather shoe. Unless u are going to get leather shoe, if not dont waste time visiting this street. The anning street is very long stretch of streets selling a lot clothing similar to taipei wufenpu. We spent quite a few hours there but still unable to finish the whole street.

The view of the anning street
Surprisingly, the gals stopped shopping faster than the guys and they went to this cafe.

The drink they served are quite nice. It is a good place to relax after u are tired of shopping.

At night, we went to to Rui Feng night market located at Arena Station. It is just 10 minutes walk away and just follow the crowd ahead of u. It is opened every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1800-24.00. Remember to go on the right day :) It is important to set a meeting point in case u get lost as the night market is really squeezy.

a lot different kind of yummy bread :)

I think this is the best food in ruifeng night market. It is deep fried sotong packed with the fried rice. It is very chewy and delicious. We had to queue a long time for this.

Baked potato with sauce.

Fried chicken with penne


Another good way to avoid all these crowd is to send a few people inside to buy all the nice food and the rest wait. Then can find a nice place to sit down and relax avoiding the crowd. As most of us are tired, we decided to go back early today.