Saturday, June 30, 2012

Taipei part 1

Din Tai fung

How to go there: Alight at Taipei City Hall Station. Exit from the station and walk toward taipei 101. It took us around 15 minutes to reach. As this branch is big, the waiting time is also quite short.
I will recommend the 3 yummy dishes i ate here.

Xiaolongbao: It is delicious and juicy. The skin is not too thick just nice enough to keep the soup inside. The fillings is also well cooked.

Shrimp fried rice with egg is really fragrance and quite evenly cooked. It is also not oily at all. It taste delicious.

Shrimp and pork pot stick which is quite unique not found in Singapore. It is crispy on the outside and delicious on the inside. The fillings inside is similar to wanton except the way it is cooked is different.

Overall it is quite an nice experience to dine in here. The food is more delicious than the din tai feng in Singapore and the price is also cheaper. As it is located at taipei 101, u can also choose to go up after ur meals to enjoy scenery of the taipei :)

Wu fen pu + Raohe night market
How to go there: Alight at houshanpi station. Just come out from the station and cross the street. U would found urself at wufenpu.

Wufenpu: It is a Garment Wholesale Area where u can get all kind of clothing and accessories at cheap price. It is really a shopping heaven for the girls. As for guys, there are some shops but it is quite limited as compared to the girls. If u buy more, remember to bargain.

To shop the whole area can easily take up 5 to 6 hours so plan your time well. Remember to take note of the days to visit as some of the days are allocated for the wholesale so the shopkeepers wont entertain u much.

Raohe night market: It is 10 minutes walk away from wufenpu.

Must try food:
-black pepper bun which is located at the entrance
-Yuan yuan shao which is located at the middle of the night market
The night market is whole long stretch and very crowded so it is better to buy all the food and gather at one point to eat. There are also shops selling clothes, gift and accessories. Recommended time for this night market around 2hours. With these 3 locations, it is sufficient to make 1 day trip.

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