Friday, June 29, 2012


In the morning, waking up early ordering the tang bao, you tian and soya milk for everyone since we want to try it again before leaving for taichung. This time we took the tai tie from kaohisung all the way to taichung railway station. The whole journey was around 2.5 hours. On the train, there is bian dang service which u can order to eat breakfast and drinks. As we were too full, we decide to give it a miss >.<
At taichung

The hotel is located around 5minutes walk away from the railway station and there are quite a lot facilities around. It is also quite cosy and comfortable However, I don't recommend staying at this hotel as some of us get bed bug bites ... I think it is due to the renovation in hotel.

For lunch, we went to taichung rou yuan. It is just located along the main road which we can find it quite easily. It is over 60 years recommended by the hotel staff.

Yummy rou yuan. It is really super nice and we order more after we finish the first one. The skin is really thin just nice to hold fillings inside and there is a lot meats inside XD

The white chill sauce but dont be fooled by the look. It is damn spicy.

This is how they cook the rou yuan but it is not oily at all when we eat it.

How can we miss out the milk tea? It is like almost every meal there is milk tea xD

After lunch, we went to take a cab to hou li horse farm. It is not easy to travel there and the journey took us quite long.

Ticketing booth

Say hello to the horse!!

Trying a horse ride for the first time!! That is me on the horse!!

As we went there quite late, most of the facilities are closed ... So we decided to play some archery!!

See the arrow at the centre!! It is bulleye!! Dont mess with me!!!

For Houli horse farm, I recommend u visit on weekend and early in the morning where all the facilities are opened. It is far away from the city but still worth visiting if u have nothing to do.
After that, we asked the cab driver to drive us back to fengchai night market to have our dinner and shopping time!!

Da chang bao Xiao Chang. The taste is quite nice and there is quite a lot different flavor to choose from. Personally I prefer the spicy one

Cactus ice cream which is nice not too sweet. Just wondering why it is pink in color

Stores at fengchia night market which are worth trying

Yummy prawn!!

Soft toy machine which I really love it cause I can catch a lot lot of soft toy xD. Manage to catch quite a lot for my friends and my sister. After which, the guy and gal separate to do their own shopping.