Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 2 in Kaohisung

Day 2 in Kaohisung I am the first one to wake up in the morning to bath while everyone still asleep. I made the breakfast call delivery service while the rest slowly wash up and get prepare. I ordered the tang bao, you tian and soya milk for everyone. The delivery service was quite fast.

The tang bao is really damn delicious and big, the soup is overflowing. You tian is quite crispy and soya milk is still warm. It is strongly recommended breakfast if u are going to stay at walking story. The person at counter will provide u with the detail.

Lotus Lake / Spring and Autumn Pavilions / Dragon and Tiger Pagodas
To go this place
By MRT: Take MRT Red Line and get off at Ecological District Station. From Ecological District Station Exit No. 2, then take the Bus Red 51 to Lotus Lake stop.
photo of Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

view from the top

Lotus lake

One of the temple along the stretch
Nice craving in the temple
fortunate teller machine where the doll will go into the house carry paper and come out to drop it for u

Nice views along the stretch

It is a good place to visit but not during summer season as there is hardly any shelter and need to really walk for a distance as each attraction is some distance apart. There is also a number of temples along the whole stretch where u can go in to pray and also look at the craving in the temple. They are really nice. At the end of this stretch, there is Kaohsiung Confucius temple

Kaohsiung Confucius temple
gate at the kaohsiung confucius temple

card to make my wish

There is nothing much at this temple, quite empty except to make wish >.< I dont really recommend coming here unless u really want to make some wish especially for ur studies!! haha so far going well for me. Can consider fo guang shan at kaohisung as substitute for this.

lunch at shin kong mitukoshi

yummy foods at the food court. They have a lot choices of food and most of them really taste nice.

Sunset at Sizihwan
How to go: Kaohsiung MRT Sizihwan Station → Kaohsiung Bus (Orange 1) to Xiziwan stop.

flight of stair which we have to climb on top *fainting

sea view at sizhihwan

sunset view
It is really a nice place to visit especially for nice sunset view as there is nothing else to block ur view.

Love river

here to take love boat

It is like Singapore clark quay where u can take boat to tour around the river. At both sides of the river, there is quite a lot pubs and cafe for u to relax.

last stop of the day: Liouhe night market
As we reach the liouhe night market, it was raining heavily so we didnt manage to take any photo. We just ran to buy all the yummy food and reach back to our hostel. It was really quite an unique experience.
let the feast began!!

fried hotdog and squid!! It is really quite crispy and nice.

unique noodle meat bun which u cant get in Singapore!! 
fried shitake mushroom!! If u want to make it in Singapore, ask me :) I have mastered it.

popcorn chicken!! yummy!!

Omelette but I dont really like the taste ... 

Egg with prawn which is quite nice too!!
As it was raining heavily, we did not go out anymore except to get some drinks from the 7-11.
End of day 2